Get answers to some common questions

What happens if the use of repellent suspenders is suspended?

Absolutely nothing. You just stop being protected.

If more than one repellant hair band is used, does the effectiveness increase?

The effectiveness increases but is not proportional to the number of repellent hair bands. We recommend using one, since its effectiveness is sufficient.

What happens if, even using hair bands, there is lice infestation?

The formulation of N-Lice®, and especially the neem oil, affects the lung function of the lise, so that it, weakened, decides to find a new head to nest. It is the best protection to prevent the lice from returning.

What other products do you have?
  •  Shampoo 100% natural, without sulfates or parabens and highly effective against lice that also promotes healthty hair
  • High efficiency metal nit comb (terminator) for nits and lice
Should we do something else to prevent lice?

Our recommendation is to use, on a daily basis, the N-lice® shampoo free of sulfates and parabens and that has demonstrated a repellent efficacy of 100% (Ebysos study) and the N-lice® nit comb to eliminate the nits that remain in hair.

What happen hair bands with wet hair are used?

Moisture reduces effectiveness of the N-Lice® formulation.

What happens if hair bands are used as bracelets?

Absolutely nothing. By the formulation of N-Lice® it is possible that it helps to scare away the mosquitoes but it will not be able to attack the lice, since these are found in the darkest and warmest parts of the scalp, away from the wrists.

What happens if a child puts a repellent league in his mouth?

Nothing at all. The most likely thing is that the child spits the hair band immediately because of its bitter taste.

Why is the aroma so intense?

It is necessary for them to be effective. It is important that at the beginning of the treatment the aroma is intense, since it is very unpleasant for lice. With the passage of the days the aroma is more tenuous.el aroma sea intenso, ya que resulta muy desagradable para los piojos. Con el paso de los días el aroma es más tenue.


How does N-Lice® protect me?

N-Lice® creates an aromatherapy layer around the head with an unbearable fragrance for lice. They must migrate to other heads that are not protected.

Does N-Lice® kill lice and nits?

N-Lice® does NOT kill lice, they just repel them and drive them away from the head.

Should N-Lice® be used at night?

You can use them during the night, however, we recommend that during the first days it is better to only use them during the day, since the aroma could be annoying to sleep.

Can I shower / bathe with N-Lice®?

It is not convenient to wet the hair bands, as they lose protective efficiency.

Can the N-Lice® components cause allergies?

They can hardly produce allergies, they are 100% natural oils and totally tolerable by the human organism.

Are there more colors of repellent hair bands?

We have a black and dark brown version.

At what age is the use of N-Lice recommended?

Its use is not recommended in children under 3 years, since its capillary structure is not 100% formed, however, it does not cause any unfavorable reaction.

Can repellent hair bands messing up my hair?

No, although the hair bands are impregnated with essential oils, they do not leave residues in the hair.

Can the hair bands be exchanged between my daughters / friends?

For hygienic reasons, it is not convenient to do it.

Where can I buy N-Lice®?

In pharmacies, parapharmacies, specialized establishments and on-line.

How long is the effect of the N-Lice® repellent hair bands?

Between 2 and 3 weeks depending on the environmental conditions of humidity and heat.